I grew up on this series of fast cars and villians. This series was never critically acclaimed but for young car fans , it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The series is based on the driver , Speed Racer , and his super-fast, incredibly equipped Mach 5. The original Speed Racer was actually a manga named Mach Go Go Go. "Go" being the Japanese word for "five". That is why there is a number 5 on the side of the car. Speed's original name was Go Mifune, after legendary Japanese film star Toshiro Mifune. That answers the age-old question of why there was a letter "M" on his helmet and jacket.

Go Mifune main character Speed Racer
Michi girlfriend Trixie
Sabu mechanic Sparks
Kuo younger brother Spridle
Senpei the monkey Chim Chim
Masked Racer mysterious older brother Racer X "Rex Racer"
Daisuke father Pops
Aya mother Mom Racer
Special Formula Mach Five

  • Button "A" - activates the auto's jets
  • Button "B" - special grip tires for bad roads
  • Button "C" - operated the rotating saws that cut thru everything
  • Button "D" - activated the bulletproof and crashproof defense mechanisms
  • Button "E" - high intensity long range illumination
  • Button "F" - underwater driving status - oxygen and periscope
  • Button "G" - released a robotic bird that was used to send and receive messages

Go Speed Racer Go!

* English Version *

Here He Comes, Here Comes Speed Racer
He's A Demon On Wheels
He's A Demon
And He's Gonna Be Chasing After Someone.

He's Gainin' On You
So You Better Look Alive
He's Busy Reving Up
The Powerful Mach-5!

And When The Odds Are Against Him
And There's Dangerous Work To Do
You Bet Your Life Speed Racer
Will See It Through!

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer, GO!

He's Off And Flyin'
As He Guns His Car Around The Track
He's Jammin' Down The Pedal
Like He's Never Comin' Back
Adventures Waiting Just Ahead!

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer, G0!!!

Mach 5 Go Go Go!

* Japanese Version *

Go Mifune Has Come Back With The Mach 5
To Challenge In Another Race.

Go Mach 5 Go, Go, Go!
The White Body Of The Mach 5 Zipping Around A Hairpin Curve
Nothing Can Stop Him, Nothing Can Scare Him
Go, Go, Gooooo!
With Unyielding Spirit, Goh Mifune Drives The Mach 5
Once He Starts Driving, He Is Like A Demon
He Sees Nothing Other Than The Track
He Gives Everything To Win

Go Mach 5, Go
Go Mach 5, Go
Go Mach 5, Go, Go!

The Sharp-Looking Mach 5. Goh Mifune
Step On The Gas. Get More Speed
Go Mach 5, Speed Up Till The End Of The Earth
Young Life Flames In His Heart
Go, Go, Goooo!
Watch His Fearless Spirit Race
Speed Up, Speed Up Mach 5 Till The Final Victory

Go Mach 5, Go
Go Mach 5, Go
Go Mach 5, Go, Go!


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