We get numerous questions about who we are and we just love telling them we abducted ELVIS while trying to be POKEMON MASTERS .. Truth be told , we were doing business in 1989 but became ANIPIX around 1991 . Our owner SHAWN was an anime junkie and bought everything he could get his hands on that he personally liked. He met many individuals along the way and even had friends who would personally buy stuff for him when they visited JAPAN and CHINA several times a year. Shawn likes to boast that he has some rare items in his personal collection and believe us , he does !


    ANIPIX currently is a web - only business. We have been known to visit some trade shows and local conventions from time to time when scheduling permits. We will be focusing on maybe setting up a store again in the future. We just recently moved to a new town and can't decide where to set up shop .


    ANIPIX currently is located in the Ohio city of Ashtabula. Why , you ask? Better ask our owner personally , cuz' we have no idea either. We wanted Hawaii or someplace tropical , but ohh nooo ...

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