The GUNDAM series has been around for a long time and I have neither the time nor space to devote to such a lengthy series and provide all essential details. I will choose to focus on the current series now showing on public television: GUNDAM WING

GUNDAM WING synopsis is as follows :
    In the year AC (After Colony) 195, large populations live in clusters of giant, wheel-shaped space colonies at the five Lagrange points, areas of relative stability in Earth orbit. Once seen as a safe refuge from decades of war on Earth, the colonies now are oppressively by the United Earth Sphere Alliance world government and its elite military corps, the Specials, using humanoid fighting machines called mobile suits to crush all opposition. But the Specials are nothing but a front for OZ, a secret society with its own goals.
   After two decades of oppression, the desperate colonists forge a new plan- Operation Meteor. The scientists who helped create the first mobile suits pitch in to contruct "GUNDAMS," dispatching them to Earth with their young, highly trained pilots to wage guerilla war against the Alliance.
   The five heroes of Gundam Wing hail from a different space colony, and pilots his own custom GUNDAM. Although all five were chosen to be a part of Operation Meteor to help liberate the space colonies, they do not know each other, or the others' mission goals.
   They are ----   Heero      Trowa      Duo      Quatre      Wu Fei


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