What is "Mosiac" and its purpose? A digital "mosiac" effect is sometimes placed over the naughty parts during an adult scene prior to exportation to the U.S. Some are placed to make something more mysterious eventhough nothing can be seen. Like a teaser to make you guess. Think of "mosiac" as a blurry video censorship tool.

What is this NSF charge? NSF stands for "non-sufficient funds". it means you wrote a bad check. Financial institutions charge you for this and the fee is $25.

Should I add sales tax? Yes, if you live in Ohio only.. The Buckeye state has a 6% sales tax. Trust me , I hate it too..

What is this PAL / NTSC / SECAM that I see listed for sale on video tapes? Good question .. PAL, NTSC and SECAM are a video format. Much like the old Sony Beta vs. VHS in a way. Canada ,Japan and the United States record and view video media in the NTSC format and Australia , Western Europe and Great Britain use the PAL method. SECAM is used by the Soviet Union and some block countries. The formats are NOT compatible with each other and cannot be mixed. If you live in the U.S. and bought a VCR at your local electronics store , you will not be able to view PAL / SECAM formats on your machine. You can have a video graphics place convert them to NTSC but the price is not worth the effort. Some people have bought PAL VCRs but you must take in consideration that you have bought a PAL VCR,voltage convertor for US voltage and the cost of the actual tape just to watch a PAL video when you could have bought the correct one for your machine . Why have different formats altogether is a question that will never be resolved.

Why does it take longer to order items by check? Banks might be fast but they take forever for a check to clear. Usually around 18 days on average. Money orders are quicker but still require authentification.

Can I have my order shipped to a different address? Yes.. I want you to get your stuff so if you feel better having it shipped to your workplace or somewhere else , just say so..

Do you ship COD? COD stands for Cash On Delivery. The possibility of fraud is too great with this method. Many companies have abandoned this option as well as I. So the answer is NO. Exceptions have been made for long-time customers but that is rare.

Can you ship overseas? Yes .. the shipping cost will vary according to weight, size of package and length of time you wish to wait for delivery. Anipix is NOT responsible for seized items if your country does not permit such items to be purchased. Anipix issues no guarantees nor refunds for seized merchandise. Check with your local authorities first.

Do you really collect what you sell at Anipix? Yes, I am a hobbiest like you and strive to get you the items I would want to have in my collection also.

Do you trade video tapes? NO , under no circumstance will I trade video tapes or DVDs. Why? Too many hassles and the possibility of getting boot-legged material is high. Plus I do not want to get involved in the nonsense of people copying tapes then trying to sell/trade them off. It hurts the hobby and is illegal.

Why do you insist that I send my stuff in first when trading? Well, I am a company on the internet that YOU found. I do not know who you are but I have standards and practices to follow to remain viable on the net. The opportunity to be scammed is very high and if I send out items all the time , I will have no inventory left. I have a registered domain name and pay for web hosting. I will not risk losing business by having my name tarnished so I request you send your merchandise first. All submissions must be approved before shipping to Anipix.

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