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  DragonBall Secrets

  DragonBall Z is based on the ancient Chinese legend , His Yu Chi ( Shee Yo Ji ) or The Record of the Journey West. A story of the Monkey King born of stone.

  DragonBall Word Origins

  The Dragon Ball series is comprised of characters with interesting and comical names. The creator , Akira Toriyama , was best known for his gag comics. Dragon Ball began as such but developed into a well - written plot orientated series. With that in mind , below is listed a few of his inside jokes and stories.

  In order to fully understand the big joke , we must first understand the two main races : the SAIYANSand the TUFFLES .

  The big joke is that it was the Vegetable People versus the Fruit People !

  Every Saiyan's name is a pun of some vegetable .

Goku real name is Kakarot which means carrot
Gohan means cooked rice and the suffix for breakfast , lunch and dinner
based on a vegetable
Goten pronounced Goteyn , pun of father's name Goku / 'ku'means sky and 'ten' means heaven
Bulma bloomers - 1800's undergarments
Dr. Briefs men's underwear
Trunks men's underwear known as boxers
Bra woman's bra
Chi-Chi breasts
Tien actually Tenshinhan which is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese words 'Tien Chun Fan ' - fried rice
Chiaotzu actually Chaozu which is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese word for dumpling
Krillin actually Kuririn which is a variation of the Japanese word , kurumi , meaning chestnut. Toriyama's joke about his lack of hair.
Yamcha means 'dim sum' - a type of Chinese dumpling
Master Roshi known as both Muten Roshi which means Master Roshi and Kame Sennin which means Turtle Sage . Hence Kame House means Turtle House.
Emperor Pilaf a Turkish rice dish which is sauteed , seasoned rice
Shao and Mai although different characters under Emperor Pilaf , their names combined , 'shao-mai' , is a dim-sum dumpling dish
Piccolo Daimaou means Piccolo the Great Demon King or Piccolo Satan. Piccolo had family members names Piano , Drum , Tambourine and Cymbal
Tsuno horn
Kami god
Frieza means the freezer
King Cold king of cold
Frieza's Henchmen named after fruit - Kiwi , Apple , Raspberry and Blueberry
Dodoria brown fruit called a 'Chinese Gooseberry'
Zarbon an American fruit called a pomelo
Ginyu Force really Gyunyu which means milk. So they are the " Dairy Force"
Jeice really Juusa which means juice
Burter really Baata which means butter
Guldo really Gurudo which a play on the word ' yoguuruto ' or yogurt
Recoome really Rikuumu which is a jumbled version of ' kuirimu' or cream
Bibidi father of Babidi .. (see Babidi below)
Babidi son of Bibidi who wants to resurrect his father's weapon , Boo (see Boo below )
Boo together with the two names of Bibidi and Babidi you get Bibidi , Babidi , Boo ! .. a Disney character reference
Brolly broccoli
Vegeta named after his race the vegetable
Nappa a type of lettuce
Raditz a radish
Kakarot known as Goku , means carrot
Nameckians really Namekuji meaning slug. All Namecks are named after slugs
Slug evil villian of the Namecks
Dende really denden-mushi meaning a mollusk
Kargo based off the French word ' escargot ' or snail
Nail a snail without the 's"
Mister Satan Mister Satan
Videl Mr. Satan's daughter . Her name is just the devil word with the letters rearranged
Ox King really Gyuu Maou which means Bull Demon King
Bubbles King Kai's little buddy named after Michael Jackson's pet monkey
Oolong really Wu Long which literally means Black Dragon but it is actually a type of black tea
Marron a French chestnut. Krillin's daughter ( see Krillin )
Pan means bread
Puar Chinese tea
Seripa a jumbled play on the word parsley
Pan-bukin loosely said means pumpkin
Bardock a Japanese root vegetable called a 'dock'
Paragus a loose translation of asparagus
Taurus loosely meaning turnip
Toma a shortened version of the American word tomato
Totepo a jumbled word for potato
Son Gokou really Goku is the Japanese translation of the Chinese name Son Wukong or
' Monkey King '

Download this funny movie which sums it all up !

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