The DragonBall series is still growing strong after all these years. In fact , most people just say "DBZ" instead of DragonBall Z.  DBZ has made it to American television and is shown regularly now on Cartoon Network's TOONAMI. The premise of the series is to gather up the Dragon Balls. The Dragon Balls are mysterious spheres that if you collect all the seven balls , any of your wishes would come true. A mighty green dragon will appear asking you your wish. Involved with the Dragon Balls , Gokou and his gang hit the road for the magnificent adventures !

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Timeline of American Television DBZ Release
1. The Arrival of Raditz 18. Nappa the Invincible? 35. The Nameks vs. Frieza
2. The World's Strongest Team 19. Tien Goes All Out 36. Escape from Dodoria
3. Gohan's Hidden Powers 20. Time's Up! 37. Secrets Revealed
4. Goku's Unusual Journey 21. The Return of Goku 38. A Collision Course
5. Gohan's Metamorphosis 22. Goku Strikes Back 39. Stay Away From Frieza
6. Gohan Makes a Friend 23. Goku vs. Vegeta - A Saiyan Battle 40. Zarbon Transformed
7. Trouble on Arlia 24. Vegeta - Saiyan Style 41. The Eldest Namek
8. Home for Infinite Losers 25. Stop Vegeta Now !! 42. Get Vegeta !
9. Princess Snake's Hospitality 26. The Battle Ends 43. Vegeta Revived
10. Escape from Piccolo 27. A New Goal - Namek 44. A Heavy Burden
11. Showdown in the Past 28. Journey to Namek 45. Immortality Denied
12. The End of Snake Way 29. Friends or Foes? 46. Big Trouble for Bulma
13. A Fight Against Gravity… Catch Bubbles ! 30. Hunt for a Dragonball 47. Scramble for the Dragonballs
14. The Legend of the Saiyans 31. Who's Who? 48. The Arrival of the Ginyu Force
15. A Black Day for Planet Earth 32. Touchdown on Namek 49. Elite Fighters of the Universe - The Ginyu Force
16. The Battle Begins - Goku Where Are You ? 33. Face Off on Namek 50. Time Tricks and Body Binds
17. The Saibamen Strike 34. The Ruthless Frieza 51. The Relentless Recoome
52. Enter Goku
53. Goku - Super Saiyan?
1.The Mysterious Dragon Balls!! Gokou Gets Turned into a Kid!?
February 7th 1996
33. Eat This Bebi! Fighter Uubu's Light Ray
January 15th 1997
2. I'm the Leader! Pan Leaps into Outer Space!!
February 14th 1996
34. The Transformantion Fails!? Gokou's Giant Monkey Rampage!!
January 22nd 1997
3. The Ultimate in Stingy!! The Merchant's Plant Imegga
February 21st 1996
35. Supreme!! Gokou becomes Super Saiya-jin 4!!
January 29th 1997
4. WANTED!! Gokou is a Criminal!?
February 28th 1996
36. An Immortal Monster!? Ultimate Evil Great Moneky Bebi
February 5th 1997
5. Look at the Strong Guy!! The Bodyguard Rejiiku
March 6th 1996
37. Souzetsu!! Bebi and Gokou DOUBLE KO!!
February 12th 1997
6. Hurts, huh!? Son Gokou the Dentist
March 13th 1996
38. From Everyone's Power… Super Saiya-jin 4 is Revived
February 19th 1997
7. The Beloved Honey!? The Flower Bride Trunks
March 20th 1996
39. This is the End! Finally, Bebi is Gone Forever
February 26th 1997
8. Gokou Thunders Too!! Whisker Power at Max
April 17th 1996
40. Earth Explodes!! Piccolo's Solemn Decision
March 5th 1997
9. Damn!! Gokou Leaps intot he Trap Star!?
April 24th 1996
41. Tenakaichi Budoukai (World Martial Arts Tournament) Who is [Mr.] Satan's Successor?
March 12th 1997
10. The Dance Attack!? Bon Pa Paa!?
May 1st 1996
42. Die Gokou!! From Hell Return the Strongest Enemies
April 16th 1997
11. Ruudo's Cruse!? Pan is Turned into a Doll
May 8th 1996
43. Hell's Demon Soldiers! Cell and Freeza Return!
April 23rd 1997
12. God's Oracle is Really Troublesome!! Fighter Ruudo
May 15th 1996
44. The Ultimate Andrid!
April 30th 1997
13. This Guy is Parent and Child!? The Riddle of Scientist Myuu
May 22nd 1996
45. Hurry, Son Goku! The Plan to Escape from Hell
May 14th 1997
14. Can We Match the Rythym!? Capture Ruudo!!
June 5th 1996
46. Battle! Super Saiya-jin 4 VS Super Number 17
May 28th 1997
15. I Can't Take It Anymore!! Pan Runs Away!?
June 12th 1996
47. Big Switch! Gokou and Number 18's Two-Part Attack Explosion
June 4th 1997
16. Machine Planet M2… the Traitor Gill
June 19th 1996
48. This is a Surprise! Shenron has Become the Enemy!?
June 11th 1997
17. Wait for Pan!! The Plan to Rescure Gokou!!
June 26th 1996
49. The Supreme Villain?! The Horror of the Cheater Dragon
June 18th 1997
18. Data is Missing!! Gokou's Ultimate Determination
July 10th 1996
50. Saiya Power is Falls in Defeat!? Electrical Power Uu Shenron
June 25th 1997
19. Go and Attack!! The Great Mutant Rirudo
July 17th 1996
51. Ryuu Shenron! The Tornado Attack's Weak Point
July 2nd 1997
20. Surprise!! The Iron Storm Attacks Gokou
July 31st 1996
52. Look Out Pan! Chii Shenron's Possession
July 9th 1997
21. What is this!! Gokou Became a Mental Plate
August 14th 1996
53. Pan is Fading!? Tears of 10X Kame Hame Ha
July 16th 1997
22. The Design is Revealed!! The Evil Life Form Bebi
August 21st 1996
54. The Power of 6,000 Degrees Celcius! The Sun's Soldier
August 6th 1997
23. The Hidden Danger!? The Wrecked Spaceship and the Mysterious Boy
August 28th 1996
55. Move it Buruma! Vegita's Makeover Plan
August 13th 1997
24. Bebi's Revenge!! Target the Saiya-jin!!
September 4th 1996
56. The Sun is Followed by the Cold! The Flare and the Ice, Dragon Brothers
August 20th 1997
25. It's Terrible! Bebi Arrives on Earth
October 16th 1996
57. The Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy! The Demonic Dragon and Ruling Dragon
September 3rd 1997
26. Gohan and Goten… The Greatest Brotherly Competition!?
October 30th 1996
58. Counter Attack Returned! Super Saiya-jin 4 is Surpassed
September 10th 1997
27. Final Ambition!? Vegita Becomes Possessed
November 6th 1996
59. Enemy or Friend… Great Monkey Vegita rampages
October 17th 1997
28. Gokou Returns… All of the Earth is My Enemy!?
November 13th 1996
60. Fusion!! The Supreme Super Gojita
October 22nd 1997
29. The Ultimate Problem!? Super Saiya-jin 3 Doesn't Work!!
November 27th 1996
61. I'll Win!! The Four Star Ball is Swallowed by Gokou
October 29th 1997
30. Gokou Fades!? I've Died
December 4th 1996
62. To the Rescue!! The Final Partner for Gokou
November 5th 1997
31. What the!? Suguroku Heaven's Gates are Falling
December 11th 1996
63. The Miraculous Turnaround Victory!! Gokou Pleads to Outer Space
November 12th 1997
32. Gokou Returns!! The Furious Soldier Uubu
January 8th 1997
64. Farewell Gokou… Until We Meet Again
November 19th 1997
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